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Mike’s entrepreneurial journey started at a young age watching both his mother and father work long hours, making any sacrifice necessary as they passionately strived to make their business a success. At the age of 19, with hard work, determination and entrepreneurial spirit etched in his DNA, he moved to Alberta and started as a welder’s helper, then as a roughneck chasing drillings rigs to save money for school. Realizing he wanted more, he went to college and graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Program at OUC in 2000. Over the next 7 years Mike worked his way into what should have been his dream job. He was managing thousands of pieces of equipment, for one of the largest oilfield service companies in North America and yet something was missing. He new that if he was ever truly going to be happy and reach his potential, he needed get to his entrepreneurial roots. So, in 2007, with a young child at home, one on the way and a father in law that thought he may have lost his mind, he and his wife took a second mortgage on their house and started their own oilfield service company. With the support of family, funding from business partners and guidance from many great mentors the company was twice listed on the Alberta Venture’s list of the 50 fastest growing companies in Alberta and in 2014, Mike was named as a regional finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in energy services. Although, if you were to ask Mike what his greatest accomplishment was, without hesitation, he will tell you that it was the quality of the team they built in and around organization. None of the awards or accolades would have been possible if it was for the great people around him. Mike sold the company in late 2014, and has been passionately engaged in a journey to mastering the EOS system ever since. In becoming a Professional EOS Implementer, Mike has found a purpose and passion that he truly enjoys sharing with the world.

Brands: EOS, Traction, The Entrepreneurial Operating System

Keywords: EOS, Coaching Consulting, Business Coaching, Business Operating System

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